IUAP - P7/10

Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Electrical Excitability in the Heart and Central Nervous System



Prof. Karin Sipido

Experimentelel Cardiologie

Departement Cardiovasculaire Wetenschappen




Prof. Jan Tytgat

Toxicologie en Farmacologie

Departement Farmaceutische en Farmacologische Wetenschappen



Prof. Luc Leybaert

Dept. Basic Medical Sciences -

Physiology group

Fac. Medicine & Health Sciences

Ghent University


Prof. Vincent Seutin

Laboratory of Pharmacology and GIGA Neurosciences

University of Liège


Prof. Serge Schiffmann

Lab. Neurophysiology

ULB Neuroscience Institute (UNI)


Prof. Jean-Michel Rigo

Vice-rector Education

Group leader Cell Physiology

Hasselt University





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